Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3724 Thursday 31 January 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Luna fears the return of Sacha. Thomas found the means to take revenge for the actions of Gabriel in closer to Eric. Jerome, himself, does not feel of size for his new position. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Sacha back in Marseille while the Mistral welcomed the announcement of the return of Sacha and Mathilde Vazquez – ISB who actually believe the media that they had survived the plane crash, and were held hostage since Luna refuses to play the comedy. It does not forgive Ash for him to have lied in order to escape with Victory, and afraid of having to face him after being betrayed by giving in to the blackmail of Ferri. Victory, before again pretending to be Matilda Vazquez, promises Ash to protect it until all this business is behind them. Thomas combines the pleasant with the useful Thomas rants and raves to see Gabriel and his parents installed at the terrace of his bar. He explained the situation to Eric, who became his confidant : Gabriel feared too his father for coming out of the closet and assume his true family. The captain of the brigade encourages her to react and find a way to give him a good lesson. Seized by a sudden inspiration, Thomas gives a spirited kiss to Eric, under the gaze of bemused Gabriel and his parents. His father, outraged, gives free rein to his homophobia. Gabriel’s despair… a New challenge for Jérôme In GTS, this is the first day of Jerome as an agent of technological mastery. Due to the promotion given to him by Clement, it must now be proven. Panic-stricken to listen to the technical terms used during a meeting to find a system of glue biodegradable, he confesses to Clement does not feel out of place. But his superior reassures him about his potential and encourages him not to give up. In fact, Jerome has continued in the ideas…

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